Jennifer, age 54 / Windhoek, Namibia & Zimbabwe


We women, we were really the leaders. Because we were the ones who were being blamed. But then it came to a situation where we said, “Enough is enough! We need to stand up and take leadership, and start to be open about our status.” I have got friends who have been killed because of being open. But I salute them, because they were taking a stand.

Now as we age, you look at what you have done… You feel very proud. But at the same time, you start to get lonely. Because it’s like you are being side-lined. Like your time is gone now, you are no longer needed. They don’t understand that we still have challenges as old people.

All these years we have been championing the fight, our fight as women as well as people living with HIV, that we didn’t even take note of saying that, “Okay, in your older time, do you have retirement? Do you have a pension?” Nothing. We don’t have anything.

You didn’t generate anything for you because we were busy doing it for others. Yeah. Maybe I will end up homeless? How do you know? My children are in Europe, they are not in Africa with me. Me and my husband, we never put anything aside because we are busy championing the fight against AIDS. And we are still here.