Gregg, age 52 & Ruth, age 54 / Virginia, USA


Ruth: Through my sobriety process I started feeling better about myself, started looking better, and I was like, okay, now let me address my HIV status. So I started going to different AIDS service organizations in the area, and volunteering, and learning what I can learn about HIV. I started volunteering at an organization where he was working.

Gregg: She was just hilarious to me. We were in the same place but we weren’t working together.

R: We were friends for years.

G: She was in a relationship. I had been in a relationship for teens of years. They are now deceased. And I knew then I was gonna eventually be with somebody else, I just never thought it was gonna be Ruth. Ruth was kinda, that was my buddy. And we got to a point that it was like, “You know what? Maybe what you’re lookin’ for is right in front of ya.”

R: One day we just kinda looked at each other and it was like, “Okay, so, we’ve been the best of friends forever. You know my secrets, I know your secrets.“ I’d tell my girlfriend, like, “I don’t know if I should date him, because he knows so much of my secrets!” Because I used to tell him things that were going on with me when I was dating other people.

We looked at each other with goo-goo eyes, you know? And we kissed. And from there it’s history. We are in love, and we are the best of friends.